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GNC logo Based out of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, GNC is a nation wide chain of heath stores that market nutritionally based products; hence its full name: General Nutrition Center. This company is the success story of an American retail, built on the principles of providing better living to its customers.

GNC was founded in the 1930′s and had an outstanding first day sales of $35. Although this may not sound like much now, $35 was a great deal of money during the Great Depression. Despite the slow start, the founder, David Shakarian, managed to open a second store a mere 6 months later, and by the 1960′s he changed the name from Lackzoom to the General Nutrition Center we know today.

What makes GNC so popular?

What has made GMC so popular that it has become the world’s leader in nutritional products? It is because of the success GNC achieved by helping people live healthier lives through good nutrition. GNC has gone through great pains by insisting that labels are correctly marked and that their products are of the highest quality. While they love to embrace new products and ingredients, they do so only after they have been firmly tested and deemed safe.

Consequently, GNC has taken these products and their extensive know-how to become the world wide leader in the nutrition industry.

However, it’s the numbers that really tell the story. There are over 4,800 GNCs in the United States alone, and on top of that, GNC can be found in 48 world markets. GNC has achieved their success by carrying top-of-the line products backed by the knowledge to help the customers fulfill their needs. Currently,as people are becoming more health savvy than ever before, GNC continues to maintain marketplace dominance.

GNC supplements and products

GNC not only carries many products, but also oversees the production of many of supplements and pills that carry their name. These products span all lines of nutrition, including sports nutrition, weight gain/loss, vitamins and other specialty products. If you are looking for a product for heart, bone, or vision health, you can probably find it here at GNC, tested by experts who can help you make the right choice of product. Some of GNC products include:

Vitamins and minerals supplements
Sports nutrition
Protein bars, drinks, powders, tablets, and shots
Bone support supplements
Cardiovascular health products
Diabetic health products
Healthy aging products
Vision and eyes products
Weight gain agents
Weight loss agents
Muscle building supplements
Energy boosters
Herbal products

These will serve as only the building blocks to better health as they also carry a wide array of books and magazines to help you lead a healthier lifestyle.

A word of caution

It is important to remember this: while GNC does strive to carry the best products, it is still up to the consumer to read all the labels throughly and consult with their doctors if they have any questions as to whether a certain product might be right for them.

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