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HGH For Hair Loss

hgh for hair loss

Hair loss and baldness hair is constantly growing (or in this case “not growing”) problem in men. Almost all men, approximately 92%, suffer from baldness, either a receding hairline, thinning hair or premature greying of hair early.Hair loss begins in men at 20 years and progresses rapidly with age. As men age, the natural hair growth cycle can not keep up with the amount of hair loss with the formation of new hair.

Therefore, it is increasingly difficult to grow new hair to replace hair follicles that continue to fall. There are many factors that contribute to hair loss in men, but the most important factor is genetic, increasing the production of DHT (dihydrotestosterone), which in turn attacks and destroys hair follicles.

There are many products on the market today, ranging from hair dyes (premature gray hair), baldness remedies and oils to promote hair growth, as well as options like hair transplants. However, current evidence suggests that the effectiveness of these technologies, and the management of hair loss and premature greying of hair, is quite limited and the results are only temporary.

Fortunately, HGH products may be a viable alternative to stop hair loss and restore the growth of new hair, especially in men.

How does HGH promote hair growth?

Male pattern baldness is caused by increased levels of DHT, which is a by-product of testosterone in the body. DHT, results in a significant decrease in the growth phase of hair, causing hair to become brittle and lighter in color. The more DHT is floating around in the body, the faster the hair falls out.

However, HGH may be able to counter this effect. First of all, HGH is a natural hormone and stimulates the production of this hormone in the body. (HGH is completely safe for consumption and Side effects are fairly limited). Research and clinical studies suggest that men have received many benefits of using HGH, and its continued use, as it contributes to the development of thick hair.

Accelerating the effectiveness of HGH

Supplements for the use of growth hormones with the following guidelines show a rapid improvement, especially when it comes to preventing or stopping the onset of hair loss such as dietary changes:

•Eat a diet rich in vitamin C and vitamin E because they act as powerful antioxidants.
•Stress and physical stress has been associated with hair loss. Try to identify the underlying cause and reduce exposure to the stressor.
•Tobacco, alcohol, tobacco, etc., are known to have a negative impact on overall health and hair so stop (or at least limit) consumption immediately to improve hair growth.

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