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HGH Side Effects

hgh side effects

Injections of HGH are usually only legal when prescribed by a licensed doctor. Despite this, many people have turned to the needle when looking for ways to increase their natural stores of human growth hormone without realizing the full extent of their decision or the potential HGH side effects.

Recently though, filling your veins with synthetic forms of the human growth hormone has become illegal because of the risk associated with overdose; as well as the body rejecting to the unnatural source. When it comes to synthetic HGH, there are countless human growth hormone side effects to be aware of.

Which Sources of HGH come with side effects?

Any injection of HGH, whether synthetic or derived from a cadaver’s body, has been found to be associated with the most negative growth hormone side effects. This is not suprising at all. In fact, those who use HGH for a long period of time, even if they don’t overdose on the medication, experience negative HGH side effects simply because the HGH is from an alien source.

The syndrome seen in adults whose pituitary glands produce abnormally high levels of HGH is called acromegaly. In this syndrome, the face muscles grow at a faster rate which causes the face to look big and heavy. The muscles are more likely to be weak and cause abnormalities in the peripheral nerves. But as one of the side effects of HGH, this is often rare.

There are many more side effects of HGH that can be troublesome, like heart problems and high blood pressure. Sometimes these problems are irreversible and damage can be serious.

Side Effects of HGH include:

- Reduced sperm count
- Impotence
- Shrinking of testicles
- Difficulty or pain while urinating
- Swelling of chest tissues

Side Effects of Too Much HGH in Women

- More facial hair growth
- Deepened voice
- Breast reduction
- Menstrual cycle changes

Other HGH Side Effects

These side effects are internal more than external.

Some of side effects of HGH that are more likely to be experienced by younger people are joint pain, excess fluid retention (i.e. edema), and carpal tunnel syndrome.

HGH injections are not as dangerous as anabolic steroids, but they still do cause unpleasant, dangerous growth hormone side effects.

The Food and Drug Administration only approves the use of HGH injections by people who are severely deficient or having a growing disorder. It does not approve of people getting HGH injections for anti-aging or athletic purposes.

Is HGH safe?

With the notoriety HGH is getting in the media these days, a lot of people want to know, is HGH safe? The answer can be as simple as yes, but most people don’t understand HGH and the potential human growth hormone side effects associated with the dangerous synthetic products discussed in the media.

HGH is a natural hormone found in the body and key for development during our youth. Unfortunately, as HGH levels decline our bodies take longer to recover, take longer to build muscle and age faster.

There are numerous reasons to want to increase HGH levels, but not all of them are safe. So is HGH safe? Yes. Is increasing HGH levels safe? It can be when done naturally with the right HGH supplements that stimulate the natural HGH production process. Increasing HGH naturally is the key to avoiding human growth hormone side effects.

How to Avoid HGH Side Effects

Instead of using dangerous injections, many people have been turning to the power of HGH supplements. These supplements work to stimulate your body’s natural production of the hormone by saturating the pituitary gland with virtually harmless amino acids designed to increase HGH.

This means that you can enjoy the benefits of having more HGH in your system without having to worry about overdosing or your body producing too much of this important hormone that you become hampered by human growth hormone side effects often seen when using synthetic HGH.

The benefits of increased HGH are undeniable, but so are the human growth hormone side effects associated with some of the dangerous treatments available. The safest way to avoid the side effects of HGH, is to use an HGH supplment or releaser.

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