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How Herbs Can Boost HGH Production

how herbs can boost hgh production

There are some herbs that are believed to produce the production of human growth hormone in the human body. These herbs are the active ingredients in most of the HGH booster products that are currently on the market.

The idea behind HGH boosters is that certain supplements and vitamins can make the pituitary gland produce more human growth hormone or HGH. These supplements are a safer alternative to human Growth Hormone replacement therapy which involves injections of a genetically engineered version of HGH into the body. This therapy is very dangerous and is only supposed to be used as treatment for certain medical conditions.

Potential Health Benefits from Boosting HGH Production

There are a number potential health benefits that people might receive from increased HGH production in their bodies. The major known medical benefit from increased HGH is increased muscle mass, some people believe increased muscle mass from the hormone can lead to weight loss and serve as an obesity treatment.

Another possible benefit is improved mental clarity. Some experts believe that increased levels of HGH can make a person more mentally alert, improve their attitude and speed their thought processes.

It is also widely believed that increasing HGH levels can improve a person’s skin and hair. In particular it is thought that human growth hormone can get rid of wrinkles.

A popular belief, for which there is little scientific evidence, is that increased HGH can lengthen the lifespan. It’s also thought that the hormone could boost the immune system and increase the body’s ability to fight disease.

Another possible benefit from HGH boosts is increased strength and vigor. Some people believe they will feel better and have more energy if they boost their HGH level. There is also a possibility that increased HGH can strengthen a person’s bones.

Not surprisingly many people want to increase the level of HGH in their bloodstreams without the pain, expense and danger of injections of human growth hormone. There are some herbs that are believed to boost levels of HGH.

HGH Boosting Herbs

There are a few popular herbs that are believed to increase the levels of HGH in the body. These herbs are widely used in HGH boosters, homeopathy, natural medicine, traditional Chinese medicine and traditional Indian medicine. Herbs that could boost HGH levels include:

Agnus Castus
Mucuna Prurien
Gingko Biloba
Herba Epimedi
Tribulus Terrestis

It is possible to take these herbs in their natural form but most people will use some sort of supplement or pill that contains the herbs. The most potent supplements will be those that contain two, three or more of these herbs or a formula of them.

Another way to take these herbs is in homeopathic medicine in which people spray a small amount of the herb under the tongue. This is believed to stimulate HGH production without having to take a lot of the supplements.

Fortunately all of these herbs are plant products. Persons who want to live a Vegan or vegetarian lifestyle should be leery of HGH products. There are a few supplements that contain animal products including natural HGH derived from animal brains.

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