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Vital HGH

Vital HGH is a homeopathic Human Growth Hormone (HGH) supplement from Liddell Laboratories.

Because the body gradually produces less HGH, you feel more tired and run-down as your age increases. Many HGH supplements have been proven to effectively increase your levels of HGH and reverse the signs of aging. Vital HGH claims to be one of these effective supplements.

Information About Vital HGH

Vital HGH comes in a different form than most supplements. It is an oral spray that should be taken three times a day. This is much more convenient than having to swallow large pills. It should also absorbed into your blood stream faster.

Vital HGH contains three active ingredients: Human Growth Hormone, Pituitary Porcine and Hepar Suis. Two inactive ingredients are organic alcohol and purified water. Human Growth Hormone is derived from other sources and contributes to your body’s depleted stores. Pituitary Porcine and Hepar Suis are derived from the pituitary glands and livers of pigs.

What Does Vital HGH Claim to Do?

Vital HGH claims to be able to relieve the following conditions: low energy, high fat-to-muscle ratios, and poor sleep quality. Each of these is a direct result of aging and makes you feel tired and out of shape.

Human Growth Hormone, Pituitary Porcine and Hepar Suis are the ingredients that Vital HGH uses to counter the formerly mentioned conditions.

Human Growth Hormone can increase the amount of energy you have. Pituitary Porcine is supposed to increase muscular strength and prevent breakdown caused by exercise and aging. It also helps increase the quality of your sleep. Hepar Suis normalizes your metabolism levels and indirectly helps you burn more fat cells and stop gaining fat weight.

The Facts About Vital HGH

The actual results produced by Vital HGH were mixed. Improvements in sleep, energy, overall health, and sexual function were mentioned. Many people said they loved the product and would either purchase it again or recommend it to other people.

Some people remarked that Vital HGH either did not work for them at all, or it only produced moderate improvements.

Vital HGH’s method of adding Human Growth Hormone into your system is not usually the best or most natural. Vital HGH does have some capability to promote your body’s production of Human Growth Hormone which is much more effective and natural.

Vital HGH does not cause side effects.

The manufacturer, Liddell Laboratories, is a FDA Registered Drug and Vitamin Manufacturer.

Price Information

A 1 ounce bottle of Vital HGH oral spray has the retail price of $39.99. A lot of websites sell it for less. The lowest price we could find was $22.99.

Our Opinion

Vital HGH is different than most other HGH supplements. The oral spray method of ingestion is new, convenient and appeals to many people. Vital HGH has a simple list of ingredients, which is also not commonly the case with other HGH supplements. Because Vital HGH comes in the form of a spray, one serving will hardly hold enough of each active ingredient to make a significant difference.

Vital HGH is indeed a safe, homeopathic HGH supplement, but it can hardly be considered “highly effective”. We recommend that you try other more concentration HGH supplements.

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