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Will HGH Supplements Make You Stronger?

will hgh supplements make you stronger

It is said that a strong body equals a strong mind and vice versa. Having a strong body means that you can deal with everyday life and stress, operate properly and fight off illness and disease. A lot of people are searching for a supplement that can give them all of these things and one such supplement is HGH.

This is also known as human growth hormone, and is released by the pituitary gland during the entire life. However, it is released more in younger years, and in childhood we have the most HGH. Then around the age of twenty it begins to decrease at a rate of about fourteen percent each decade. By the age of forty, HGH production will have decreased thirty percent, and by the age of sixty that is decreased to eighty percent. The decline in HGH or somatrotropin is linked with many of the effects of aging. This includes loss of lean muscle mass, dense bone, elastic skin and health of internal organs, and increase of body fat, thinning and wrinkling of the skin, decreased immune system and sexual desire.

HGH is a vitally important hormone because it is responsible for the growth and development of our tissues and functions in the body. Human growth hormone helps to replace old cells with new ones, replenishing our bodies and making them stronger.

The main use of the growth hormone is to increase strength, lean muscle mass, and height. It will also repair and grow bones, make joints more flexible and increase muscle cells and tissues. It also helps the body retain calcium, reduce body fat, control insulin and sugar levels, boost the immune system, and help maintain healthy bones. This is particularly important during the younger years when our bodies are growing and forming.

There is a chain reaction between growth hormones and the receptors of muscular cells that leads to the growth and repair of muscles, connective tissue and bones. The muscles and bones are the framework for the body, and it is important to have larger muscles and stronger bones to increase strength. Athletes and other fitness minded people have come upon the benefits of increasing the HGH levels to assist them in achieving optimal levels of health and physical fitness.

HGH can also make you stronger by influencing the release of insulin and the growth factor IGF-1 in the liver. When this is released, IGF-1 starts to burn the sugar from the food we eat and coverts it to energy for the growth of cells and tissue. This means there is no left over glucose to be stored as body fat. IFG-1 also causes the fat in the subcutaneous tissue to be burned away. HGH also effects protein anabolism, the breakdown of triglycerides, and insulin levels. These methods of burning fat and glucose make the body a sort of raw power, so you get a new type of energy that helps make you stronger.

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